"RELAY FOR LIFE" is at youth park on 8(satrday) 6pm till 9(sunday) 10am March. Soka Gakkai Malaysia (PENANG) Youth Band will be performing on the "...". erm, ok i dunno the date n time. i'm taking part in that perromance too. haha.. when i know i'll keep you people update. bent3ng™ are you girls in??

To All:
PLEASE come n support the unfortunate cancer patients. 1 2 derma?? sms me okay? you are doing a small small good deed where this earth is thanking you.

The unofficial envoys. The truth & trustworthy Angels Of Peace.

NON-STOP of work..

I might seem to be crazy at times. why crazy? ~.~!! i know i have been working non-stop. Twelve hours daily from Monday till Saturday for the whole January. Although i spend more then 50% of my life in the factory, i still feel i'm fine. so don't worry girls. I love this job very much. It suits me.

There's still time for me to stay active in Gakkai activities. Still afford to attend Tuesday's meeting, Wednesday KKYB practice, Saturday KKYB junior's practice & Sunday recycling project then stay back for senior practice in the evening. It gives me a life satisfaction's feeling. I didn't felt like living an empty life. Really not feeling as if life is only work & sleep then the next day work then sleep. I'm not waisting my time but even utilize them.

I got exhausted at times. Like these few days back, too much things to do. Got lots of planing meet for the end of this month, KKYB will be paying a visit to Jubilee Old Folks Home. Children from Spastic Center will be joining us as well. We'll be playing 5 songs, holding some simple entertainment session like karaoke, sketch & games for both young and old. Any idea what to play?? please kindly drop your suggestion. THANK YOU in advance.

hmm.. Will be back to work on this coming Monday. Rest for 4 days is very much important for me to catch a breath.. :b

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all out there. miss ya all very much! esspecially bEnt3NG™!!