Universiti Malaya: Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humanities on SGI President Ikeda

Live Video Web Cast for Conferment of Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humanities on SGI President Ikeda on August 2

We are pleased to inform that all SGM members are able to witness the historical moment of the conferment of Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humanities on SGI President Ikeda through http://webcast.um.edu.my/ on August 2, 2010 (Monday) at 9.00am. However, the quality of this webcast will also depend on the internet connection. We seek your kind understanding and patience in this matter.

To ensure a smooth and victorious conferral ceremony on August 2, let’s pray for the following objectives with strong unity:

1. Pray for SGI President Ikeda and Mrs Ikeda’s good health and longevity, and for the good health of all participants and all SGM members.

2. Pray for an accident-free, smooth and victorious conferral ceremony.

3. Pray to have good weather during the conferral ceremony on August 2.

4. Pray for everyone at the ceremony to have a more profound understanding of Sensei and Soka Gakkai, and for this understanding to spread outwards to the whole of Malaysian society.

5. Pray for each SGM member, through preparing and chanting for the success of this ceremony, to deepen their bond of mentor and disciple with SGI President Ikeda.

Thank you very much!

A week of great holiday

It's been FOUR MONTHS I didn't took a break.. This time, I really enjoy my holiday! I just go where ever and do what ever I want without a constraint. Just about 11days of holiday. A short one but a long story to craft in my heart. Well, I'm really lazy to type it out. ;-) I can only attach some of my pictures. But very unfortunately, I have accidentally deleted most of my precious photos. **sob-sob. Well, I treasure all my moments in Penang though it was superbly short.

-visited Phaik Hui at Seberang Prai-
we went to Khun Tai for dinner
very nice Thai restaurant

-Famous Penang Laksa with "Ampola Sui Boi"-
Its my second attempt to this stall

-hunting down another Famous Penang Laksa-
This is crazy, laksa again..
The poh piah not bad wor~!

-Chicken Cordon Bleu-
it looks nice, but it doesn't taste nice
the Grill Chicken was nice!

-Penang Kek Lok Si-
can't find our route to reach there

-my Favourate salad-
mum make this for dinner

-A very relaxing classical noon-
we had our branch and a little chit-chat.. haha~ almost 3 hours!
Phaik Yi played me 3 classical songs..
thanks for hosting! it was great!

- :) Shan & I-
The last time I went for a walk with Shan was year 2001
that was in our form1, we went to an Art Exhibition organized by SGM
hahah.. now, already year 2010! so fast! too fast!
we went for a walk. It was an evening celebrating Penang Heritage City Day
Penang get a new public holiday.. hahah~!!

we had supper(toast bread with ice-cream in it) at Old Town in Perak Road
Then we went overnight at Ming Jie's house for horror movie watching..
Before we started watching, I already fall asleep till morning..
Phai sey ^^

-my new born Nephew-
celebrated one month old for baby boy
happy full month, Dino~! ^^
He always sleepnya, didn't get a chance to play with him

FIGHT-TO sisters!

**已经感到属于我自己的我.. ^^