Basically, it was a super tired week. I am making little effort to make the exhibition a success. 80% of the exhibition material is in Chinese. So i can only help them to cut and paste those image and also help in doing some deco on the board. The exhibition is mainly on Soka Gakkai International and Soka Gakkai Malaysia in promoting peace, education and culture through self changes and social contribution.

Along the 4 days exhibition, I enjoy my self very much! haha.. We see alot of different people's attitude and some ask funny question.. there's a lot of kind hearted and loving people in this society. I also notice, only people that have educational background would be interested in exhibition. To conduct an exhibition, it isn't easy at all. Now i realise, there's a few things we need to be caution on, if u want to make a successful exhibition.

~wan sin .. me~

-peacock dance-

from upper, left to right:
-bollywood(female), hip-hop, carnival dance, kids' firefly-

-belly dance, kids-

-bollywood(male), kids, wushu, kids' clown-

~All the costume above were DIY by our Batu's SGM Women Division(married ladies in SGM is categories under Women Div). They truly did a great job! BRAVO!! Everyone had work hard especially those working behind the scene. WD had sew this everyday since morning till midnight, sometimes till 2am. Thumbs up!! Thanks to all who have been helping..