Since Monday(25-Aug-2008) I'm so so sick!! Really can't take MJ & wiN of my head. Even the song "AND THE FIRE RAGED!!" got stuck in my ear. OH!! Can't believe i don't feel like eating for almost a week time. For sure, i fit my self with lunch. But dinner, not really. Only force my self to have 2 slice of bread.

With the power of daimoku, things get better each day. As in Tuesday, i still cry, but only when people asked, "so how's your holiday?". arh~!! can't help my self again!! It totally drag me back into hell. I stopped crying since Wednesday. Time and daimoku is the best cure for sure. I add on my chanting and amazingly, I ended up chanting for 2 hours. Sometimes even hit up to 2H 30M.

But time ain't enough for me. Will be facing quiz and test in a week time. I lose my concentration. Couldn't study at all. My heart is feeling so tight. I can't released it.(feels like a cramp on my chest) At that time, i only think of daimoku. But Joey is catching a rest, I can't be disturbing her. I then message MJ, but it isn't helping. Then a wisdom came across my mind. It's Cheng Ling. I went to her door but found that her knob was lock. ARHH~!!! (help!! no way man!! com'on how!?) I immediately grab my phone and sms Cheng Ling. I know she's sleeping. But i really need to chant right away. I know she would open the door for me. YES! She really did open her door and let me in. I know I'm disturbing her, I'm sorry. After chanting for half an hour. I felt so much better and get set my mood back to stable. THANK YOU CHENG LING. REALLY THANK YOU! YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN DO ME THAT BIG FAVOR. THANK YOU!

Soon things get better, I got my perfect smile back on my face when i went for a Batu Pahat Malam Mesra practise. There i met a few Soka friends(non-SGI members) who reminds me of MJ n wiN. Talking to them is like talking to MJ n wiN, it really brings me back to life. So great!! Cheer-up MENDY ONG!!

My life came back to normal until this morning..