University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia's convocation is just around the corner. Therefore, they organized a workshop for the members of the orchestra to brush-up more on our music skills. I heard that in the previous years, the seniors only had their workshop held at UTHM. Well.. 哈哈!! This year, we were so fortunate that we were fully sponsored for a stay of 3 days 2 nights by the uni to attend the workshop at Dorsett Hotel, Plentong in Johor Bahru.

The practice was very relaxing. Almost Every 2 hours, we were asked to have some food. For instants, we had our breakfast from 8am till 9am. Then we started our practice. At 10.30am, Sir ask us to have a tea break(Roti Canai and Curry Puff with Coffee and Tea). Then 12noon lunch break. 3pm, continue practice until 5pm. Then another tea break and also a break for sembahyang until 6.30pm. But 6.30pm is already dinner time. So our break continues.. 哈哈! Dinner until 8.30pm. Lastly we continue until 10.30pm. Before going back to our rooms, some green bean soup was provided for supper~!

Food is the best thing that we remembered the most!! Buffet for every meal. Eat all you can people.. :) Even the Mini Grilled Corner were sponsored by the uni. Meaning you can order some grill food that they instantly grill in front of you. Example: Crab, Oyster and Squid!! big big sotong!! Although those grilled food just taste like normal, but I still think its so cool man!! I've not been to such a great workshop cause usually the uni or schools would only provide you fried bee hoon for breakfast, nasi lemak for lunch and maybe economy rice for dinner.