Penang day 3

with my seniors.. they are having a short break after industrial training..

a cafe at Paradise Beach..

ah fann & sin yee's bro

dinner at my home..

mum's cooking..
it's dinner

Family trip on 17th till 20th November

Another wondrous family trip on the 17th-20th NOVEMBER 2009. Thanks to our host of the trip: Chai Yean San. and also not to forgot our perfect Ipoh tourguide: Lee Huey Pin. It's not a complete family trip this time, 2 absentees:Lim Cheng Ling and Joey Ong. As we were travelling, we miss them very much. Although they were not there, but their names were never afar from our mouth.. ahaha..! what a weird english I'm trying to compose here..

we enjoy ourselves very much and we have decided on the last minute to stay for another day.
The worst thing ever is... our mouth never stop chewing.. the tank in our stomach were never empty too!! really don't feel like eating when I reached home.. Coz we have been eating chickens and duck daily!! 5 people to finish the whole chicken and duck okay?! that's just so crazy!!

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ah Chai mum's cooking.
really number 1!!
everyone addedd another bowl of rice, including Jia Yee!

Me and ah Hui at the Ipoh railway station..

We met Nick Chung at Lost world..
So many artist were there!!
haha!! we chap tou la!

one of the Perak Cave (cave hole number 1)..

Huey Pin and I.. she took us to supper..
Mix fruit ais kacang..

Perak Cave's entrance
enjoying our time taking pictures..

Huey Pin took us for breakfast
we are eating under a big tree!

Salted Chicken with herb


Another Perak Cave..

Gunung Lang..

fighting in the hot spring pool

chai and hui
nice take??

so relaxing..

Resting after so tired taking pictures in Lost World