你不知道的是 - 王力宏

C# F# C# G#
蝴蝶眨几次眼睛 才学会飞行
hú dié zhǎ jī cì yǎn jīng cái xué huì fēi xíng

C# F# C# G#
夜空洒满了星星 但几颗会落地
yè kōng sǎ mǎn le xīng xīng dàn jī kē huì luò dì

F# G#
我飞行 但你坠落之际
wǒ fēi xíng dàn nǐ zhuì luò zhī jì

F# G#
很靠近 还听见呼吸
hěn kào jìn hai tīng jiàn hū xī

F# G# C#
对不起 我却没捉紧你
duì bù qǐ wǒ què méi zhuō jǐn nǐ

F# G#
nǐ bù zhī dào wǒ wéi shén me lí kāi nǐ

Em# Am#
wǒ jiān chí bù néng shuō fàng rèn nǐ kū qì

F# G#
你的泪滴像 倾盆大雨 碎了满地
nǐ de lèi dī xiàng qīng pén dà yǔ suì le mǎn dì

zài xīn lǐ qīng xī

F# G#
nǐ bù zhī dào wǒ wéi shén me hěn xià xīn

Em# Am#
pán xuán zài nǐ kàn bù jiàn de gāo kōng lǐ

F# G# C#
多的是 你不知道的事
duō de shì nǐ bù zhī dào de shì

This is a simple and nice song to be learn. Hope the chords provided is helping..

Universiti Malaya: Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humanities on SGI President Ikeda

Live Video Web Cast for Conferment of Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humanities on SGI President Ikeda on August 2

We are pleased to inform that all SGM members are able to witness the historical moment of the conferment of Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humanities on SGI President Ikeda through http://webcast.um.edu.my/ on August 2, 2010 (Monday) at 9.00am. However, the quality of this webcast will also depend on the internet connection. We seek your kind understanding and patience in this matter.

To ensure a smooth and victorious conferral ceremony on August 2, let’s pray for the following objectives with strong unity:

1. Pray for SGI President Ikeda and Mrs Ikeda’s good health and longevity, and for the good health of all participants and all SGM members.

2. Pray for an accident-free, smooth and victorious conferral ceremony.

3. Pray to have good weather during the conferral ceremony on August 2.

4. Pray for everyone at the ceremony to have a more profound understanding of Sensei and Soka Gakkai, and for this understanding to spread outwards to the whole of Malaysian society.

5. Pray for each SGM member, through preparing and chanting for the success of this ceremony, to deepen their bond of mentor and disciple with SGI President Ikeda.

Thank you very much!

A week of great holiday

It's been FOUR MONTHS I didn't took a break.. This time, I really enjoy my holiday! I just go where ever and do what ever I want without a constraint. Just about 11days of holiday. A short one but a long story to craft in my heart. Well, I'm really lazy to type it out. ;-) I can only attach some of my pictures. But very unfortunately, I have accidentally deleted most of my precious photos. **sob-sob. Well, I treasure all my moments in Penang though it was superbly short.

-visited Phaik Hui at Seberang Prai-
we went to Khun Tai for dinner
very nice Thai restaurant

-Famous Penang Laksa with "Ampola Sui Boi"-
Its my second attempt to this stall

-hunting down another Famous Penang Laksa-
This is crazy, laksa again..
The poh piah not bad wor~!

-Chicken Cordon Bleu-
it looks nice, but it doesn't taste nice
the Grill Chicken was nice!

-Penang Kek Lok Si-
can't find our route to reach there

-my Favourate salad-
mum make this for dinner

-A very relaxing classical noon-
we had our branch and a little chit-chat.. haha~ almost 3 hours!
Phaik Yi played me 3 classical songs..
thanks for hosting! it was great!

- :) Shan & I-
The last time I went for a walk with Shan was year 2001
that was in our form1, we went to an Art Exhibition organized by SGM
hahah.. now, already year 2010! so fast! too fast!
we went for a walk. It was an evening celebrating Penang Heritage City Day
Penang get a new public holiday.. hahah~!!

we had supper(toast bread with ice-cream in it) at Old Town in Perak Road
Then we went overnight at Ming Jie's house for horror movie watching..
Before we started watching, I already fall asleep till morning..
Phai sey ^^

-my new born Nephew-
celebrated one month old for baby boy
happy full month, Dino~! ^^
He always sleepnya, didn't get a chance to play with him

FIGHT-TO sisters!

**已经感到属于我自己的我.. ^^


Composer: Jay Chou (周杰倫) (周杰伦)
Lyricist: Jay Chou (周杰倫) (周杰伦)

Should or shouldn't
Forget about my heavy shell
Searching for where I can find a blue sky
Following the gentle wind and lightly float
The wounds that I have don't feel painful

I want to one step at a time proceed climbing upwards
Waiting for sunshine, I quietly looked at its face
The small sky has big dreams
The heavy shell is wrapped round the gentle adoring look

I want to one step at a time proceed climbing upwards

On the highest point
Riding on a blade of leaf I fly forward

The small sky
The tears and the sweat that has dropped

There has to be a day when I have a sky that belongs to me

I want to one step at a time proceed climbing upwards
On the highest point riding on a blade of leaf
Fly forward

Let wind blow dry
The tears and the sweat that has dropped

I want to one step at a time proceed climbing upwards
Waiting for sunshine, I quietly looked at its face
The small sky has big dreams
I have a sky that belongs to me

Let wind blow dry
The tears and the sweat that has dropped
There has to be a day when I have a sky that belongs to me


The fact is, I just hate my-self!!
Always there's so much "WHY" and "WHY"??!

what am I going after all these while??
another fact in me:
I've lost my self for already quite sometime..


Kleine Levin Or Real Life Sleeping Beauty Syndrome: Louisa Ball Suffers From Sleeping Beauty Syndrome

Louisa Ball was the topic of discussion on Fox News on Tuesday, Feb 9. A teenager, Louisa Ball is no different from any other 15 year old girl at first glance. However, even a cursory glance at her life makes it very clear that she is indeed very different. For she is the classic case of the Sleeping Beauty Syndrome. Extraordinary as it may sound, such a syndrome exists, and Louisa Ball suffers from the Kleine Levin, or the Sleeping Beauty Syndrome. Not as romantic as it may sound to many, thanks to the most popular fairy tale of all time, the illness has Louisa Ball missing out on days in her life.

The Kleine Levin, or the Sleeping Beauty Syndrome that Louisa Ball suffers from is a very rare form of illness, in fact, so rare, that currently, there are only about a 1,000 cases in the entire world. This generally is seen in teenagers, and then goes away naturally after about ten to twelve years. Having no cure, the Sleeping Beauty Syndrome continues to baffle doctors and scientists alike.

Being a real life Sleeping Beauty has its inevitable consequences. Louisa Ball hardly ever lives a normal life, as she is never certain when she would fall asleep, or how long the slumber would last. The maximum period of time that she has slept for is about two weeks, without a break. As Louisa Ball suffers from the Kleine Levin or the Sleeping Beauty Syndrome, it takes its toll on her family too. They have to force food down her throat as she sleeps, and make her use the bathroom.



**my money dry le..

Took mum to the MPPP center for a compulsory injection.. It's an injection for those working in the food&beverage line..

Then a hair cut.. no picture taken yet..
soon will upload it..

When shopping at Gurney.. This time really dry le..

~Nice performance~
this guy balancing himself on 5 rolling PVCs!!
can u even stand on 1??

The changing room so big.. some more provide a fine table and chair.. for what??

~tea-break with mum at A&W~

This wallet is so so NICE!!
genuine leather (cow)..
free for life time to polish the wallet..
~.~!! it's not mine..
It's for Angie..

Continue shopping at Tesco.. bought 2 singlet for my bedtime..
our hostels' room temperature is a bit warm i would say..

~the queue was like hell!!~
so packed with people!!
even met relatives and friends..

Another day has gone..


nothing much.. don't felt like going out.. Trying to take my homework down..
but I ended up wasting my time surfing the net.. When I tried to do my object-oriented programming.. ~.~!! I know nothing.. My program can't run, error kept pop-ing in..
so I left my desk and started to chat on the phone since I can call for free..


Till the night.. after Shin Yee took some rest after work, I ask her to teach me programming..
CHEH~!! it was that "SMALL-LITTLE" mistake & it took me the whole evening to try solving it?!! Well, she taught me all on my assignments for about 2 hours.. she was great!! so keng!! Thanks to her..

She is an appearance of my another 'Buddhist god'.. thanks to Nichiren Buddhism's practice.

something to be bloged

Nothing much, just felt like blogging this..

It's my 1st day back to penang, 10th Feb 2010. As I almost reach Penang, my dad called.. We had a quite a long chat.. he bought me a watch.. THANKS DAD..

After facial, rushed to Pyi's house, hunting for bracelet.. I kinda like this one.. but.. after asking for some opinion, still wasn't what I'm looking for..

Then, when fetch my sis from work cause we are sharing transport.. only one bike for two.. ~.~!!
drop her at Penang Free for karate coaching and I went home.. online for bout 1 hour ++...
went fetching my sis home pula.. Dinner together with mum and again go out.. I'm driving this time.. no more motorbiking! so tired! My sis and I went for band practise, then supper with MJ and Yang. Sembang till midnight with Shin Yee bout majoring subjects for my final year..

Took a bath cause of tedious day.. Had things in my mind to be thought..! So I phone ah Hui to chat.. then do my "mountain sized"~assignment till I fall asleep, and awake then continue a bit and slept till noon without noticing cause I didn't set any alarm.. what a long long day..~

**Something my cousin brother bought from US, this Diet Coke was manufactured in Atlanta.. felt like tasting it.. but tasting is forbidden!!

'Monopoly' gets a makeover!

Hasbro has unveiled the design of the new 75th anniversary edition of their classic board game, Monopoly, set to hit stores in fall of 2010. "Monopoly: Revolution Edition" is slick and round instead of dull and square, with debit cards and an ATM instead of paper money and a banker, clear plastic representations of the classic tokens (bye-bye, little boot!), and clips of popular songs (like Rihanna’s "Umbrella," Daniel Powter’s "Bad Day," and Beyonce's "Crazy in Love") that play after certain actions.

This is not the first game to get a modern reboot (there’s an update to the classic Trivial Pursuit, and Scrabble got a face-lift for its 60th anniversary), but Monopoly’s changes will undoubtedly appeal to the 21st century's techie youngsters. For one thing, the adjusted-for-inflation prizes are more impressive.

Players can collect $2 million dollars for passing “Go” instead of a mere $200 — practically what the average kid gets for losing a tooth these days. But it's bound to annoy die-hard fans of the comforting classic version, who might send it directly to jail come next fall. (At least they can take comfort in the fact that Monopoly: Revolution retains the classic Atlantic City-based street system.)

So far, the Internet echo chamber's biggest criticism focuses on the new version's tight security. It seems that when it comes to Monopoly, half the fun comes from cheating by stealing from the till when nobody's looking, a loophole the new version closes with its fancy electronic banking. (However, an electronic banking version has actually been on the market for years.) Surely our nation's tech-savvy youth will somehow find a way to game the "Monopoly" system, assuming they can be pried away from screens long enough to start a game.

Felt like playing so much!!
If anyone ever buy this, plz do let me know..