* Name: 官恩娜 / Koon Yun Na (Guan En Na)
* English name: Ella Koon
* Profession: Actress, singer, and model
* Birthdate: 1979-Jul-09
* Birthplace: Tahiti, French Polynesia
* Nationality: Hong Kong
* Height: 168cm
* Weight: 49kg
* Star sign: Cancer

She acted in a TVB drama named "Survivor's Law II". It's kinda out-date. (i know, sorry.. :) haha) But i love it so so much!! really so in loved with the drama. A drama that YOU MUST watch!! damn great!! Can get the soft copy from me if you one. haha..!! She's so PRETTY!! way to go ELLA!! I LOVE YOU ELLA!! arh~!! ELLA!! ELLA!!


Felt like i'm living an out standing life-style. I was at Penang that evening.. the next morning.. I'm at Batu Pahat, Johor. It's only the 2nd week in Nov '08 and i've already travel back and for Pg-Jhr-Pg *TWICE. [350km x 4trip=1400km] walauEh! Travelled 1400km in 2weeks time!! (34HOURS)

haha.. i guess, i'm already use to such long distance trip. I never like traveling, but now, it seems peanut to me. For those who have not been far away from their province, i suggest, u may try. Don't wait until you "....". We as youth must truely challenge our selves.. :)

everyone.. JIA YEW..!!