This weekend

Busy weekend.. Took a panaldo pill last night.

Had an Data Struct & Algo test last Wednesday morning. After test, we've rushed to complete a t-shirt design for the archery club in the evening. Again, rush to an account class at night. The next day, Thursday.. woke up early in the morning just to complete our Data Struct & Algo's assignment. Then rush to Dr. Rathiah's office to summit the assignment. We make it tepat at 4pm. ~.~!! feuh... When we were on our way home, the rain drops. Anyway, we reached home safely. Well, it's Cheng Ling's birthday, (happy birthday yah!!). I sneak out of the house to collect Cheng Ling's present from the hostel's office which has been sent over by Shan.(Thanks to Phaik Hui, Li Ai & others in helping me to cover this surprise) After collecting it, I walked out of the hostel to get Cheng Ling a Soya drink. Back at home soaking wet, really walauEh! But i think thats the only best that i can do for Cheng Ling's 21 Birthdday. :) After collecting, i've talked on the phone with Shan and get to know her condition in UUM. She's having a pretty hard time. If i were there, i would have take her to join our Soka Gakkai activity..

It's Friday then, Technical Writing class were canceled so switch our evening class to the morning session. Get to take an air that evening. In the night time, as usual, took a bus, down to Batu Pahat's kaikan. It's our very 1st time Music Cultural Group meeting. I met a YMD(young man division). I was so so impressed!! I never know, guitar could be play that way. He plays hard rock, jazz, BLUES!! and all other genre. He showed me some scale to be played on a guitar:majors & appregios. i've not seen people that could played like him. COOL!! COOL!! he learn by him self since he was young. His father don't like him to practise music. But he make his own effort. Hopefully i could stand a chance to share out bout this YMD. His spirit for music were so pure!had a long chit-chat with him in his car, he talks bout his life in persuing music. I enjoyed what he shares that night. how much hardship he have gone through for today's achievement. congrats ya.. thanks for the ride dude. In the other hand, Sorry for troubling Jia Yee on that night(a long long story.. sorry)....

well, my weekend. Saturday & Sunday.. It's all given to my assignment. two assignment to go. Hubungan ethnic and Multimedia.. Now still working on Multimedia!! hope to complete it by Sunday morning..

mendy.. 加油!!

~.~!! Don't feel like answering

Don't feel like answering. But since a friend kept pushing me. terpaksala.. aiyo.. wat a mouliu ques. Next time plz dont tag me! THANK YOU!! :)

1. Does it matter if your boyfriend or girlfriend smokes?

ya! i don't like smokers! if my bf smokes, please don't smoke in front of me before i slap him.

2. How about drinking?

Drinking its okay. But can't let him be drunk at all time.

3. Do you like someone you can’t have?

Yah. I enjoy the feeling of being in loved. It's fun. No barer for me.

4. If someone liked you right now, would you want them to tell you?

Ya. So i can consider bout it.

5. What are your favorite sports?

Any sports that can make me sweat like hell except hiking.

6. It’s Saturday night, you’re home alone. What do you do?

Go to my grandma's house and chit-chat with her.

7. Do you like roller coasters?

Yah. It's good that i get to shout my lungs out!

8. When’s the perfect time to have a bf/gf?

when you felt like ready to build your own family.

9. If you could date any celebrity, who would it be?

No one. I dunno much bout celebrity.

10. What are you doing this weekend?

Wants to study to get good grades. Don't want to disappoint people around me especially my self.

11. What’s your favorite restaurant?

Anything la.. Nice food can d.

12. Have you ever hugged someone?


13. Ever kissed someone you weren’t attracted to?

not yet start kissing.

14. Do you like anyone right now?

Yah.. but not the opposite sex. like as only a friend. ahha!

15. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?

His chest muscle.

16. which do you prefer, beach or mountain?

Beach. I like listening to the sea.

17. What kind of phone do you have?

Sony Ericson. Y ask??

18. Computer or laptop?

Both also okay.

19. Jeans or sweats?


20. Which year has been the best so far?

It's getting better year after year. anyway, every year also very good.

21. How old are you gonna be on your next birthday?

21. y ask?

22. What should you be doing right now?

Sleep! it's 6.30 am and i have'nt go to bed yet.

23. What is your favorite TV show?

24. What’s been your last purchase?

Tom-yam with rice. y ask???????????????? ~.~!!

25. Are you attracted to boys/girls that smoke?


26. Have you ever fallen on your butt in front of a crowd of people?

DUNNO! erm.. mayb nope.

27. What do you do when you’re at home?

Practise my keyboard

28. What is your favorite subject?


29. What’s the best things ever happened to you?

Born into a family that practises Nichiren Buddhism & also born as a female.

New desktop designed

It's my family and I. The time now is 6am. I've been awake all night to fix this pictures. Somehow, I thought of scolding Cherry(younger sister) and also to bully Angie(elder sis). I just loved family war :) I missed scolding my mum too.

Although i dislike to study but I will work hard in it because to study hard is one of the responsibility as a student.

My mission here:
1-Strengthen my faith on Buddhism & to promote lasting peace for all humankind through the propagation of Nichiren Buddhism.
2-Fulfill my parents dream.
[They only get to study until low
er secondary & wish to further study if only they may]
3-Change my family's karma.
[It's up to me and my sisters to change my family's current condition.
I believe together we can make the different]

The background of the pix were all taken by Angie.
photo credit:Angieong pixigraphy

My Valentine's Day in BP

Seven of us took a bus down to town and meet Jia Yee somewhere near her house. Two(Jia Yee & her dad) cars picked us up and departed from there at about 7pm. It took us about half an hour to reach our destination. Along the way up the hill, i see corps i've not seen before. Well, i know i'm a little 'sam pat'. Anyway, that's not my fault cause i grow up in a city.

When we reach the Village Seafood Restaurant, it was full house so we left our number at the counter hoping that they will give us a call when there's an empty sit. Meanwhile, Jia Yee took us for a walk far into the village. At the end of the village, we finally come to our destination of the day--> "Qing Ren Chio" (lover's bridge). It seems to be a little scary for all of us because there's nothing you can grab when you're walking on that bridge and the brige is so narrow where i can NEVER dare to walk 2 by 2! The view? incredible. The island opposite? that's Indonesia!

Day's getting dark and we quickly snap some pix. Manatau, our beloved Jia Yee forgot to bring her camera ~.~!! really walauEh!!

We've hanging out at the bridge for quite sometime but the restaurant have yet to call us. With our wisdom, haha, we know that the restaurant will not call us cause there are still long queue at the restaurant. They could have serve the others first. Immediately we return to the restaurant & yes! There are customer who were about to leave. Lucky us.. We enjoyed the food very much. It's very nice compared to food i had in BP. The meal cost us RM109.** for 8 person. It's quite cheap. I love L2-05 very much. Not even one should be left behind. We all make a perfect family. It's my 1st time celebrating Valentine's Day. :) MUAKS TO L2-05!

We never fail in taking pictures!!

It's at the end of the Lover's Bridge.
The wind is blowing like hell.

Daring our self to make some post for the pix.
So scared of falling into the sea!

cool huh?!!
~me & Jia Yee~

They forgot bout their photographer!

I only get to eat 2 pcs of sotong.

~Sze Mun & Joey~
Took a walk to a temple near by(by the sea) while waiting
for Jia Yee's parents to pick us up.
We chit-chat like crazy at the shore.

Thanks to Jia Yee and family for hosting such a great Valentine's Day for all of us!!

GoodBye yea~

Congrat to Angie that she have made it to further her studies after left school for half a decade. Studying what she wants is the most importan thing. Getting a step closer to her dream truely touches my heart. I'm still looking for my dream and wants to lock it as sooon as i comfirm that is really what i wanted to achieve in this lifetime. Angie has always been my idol!!

I've chanted very much for my sis's leaving for New Zealand. Left on the 18 Feb about 6.30pm. Safely reached there on 19Feb 7.39am (Malaysia hour). They are about 4 to 5 hours ahead of our time. While doing my morning prayers today, i was imagining that my sis is now having her lunch.

hey sis, HAO HAO JIA YEW!!
love you always!! ((hug~hug))

CNY in Penang

We took up 1 of the stall at Jalan Acheh, Penang. The store was suppose to help SGM Penang Youth Band to do fund raising for us to buy more music scores. That street was assign by Penang Gov to SGM(Penang) to display Malaysia's Cultural.

Look at my house.. so "lao zuak" preparing 'koey leng kou', nudget, hot dog, and 'bak chang!!'.. all we do on our own except for bak chang. We need to call for help from our fellow mama..bak chang is the most complicated one!! ~.~!!

By the way, the fund raising was very succesful. ALL SOLD OUT!! accumulating collection about a thousand riggit. THANK TO ALL WHO HAVE DONATED CAPITAL FOR US.. thanks to all who have drop their swet in helping to make it a success too!!

~busy making longan jelly~

~thank you aunty~

~kuey leng kou's manager n asst manager~

~the most hard working 1!!(haha)~

~leng lui!!~

~hou yau yeng arh~!!~

27 & 28 - DEC-2008 Batu Pahat Malam Mesra

December 27 and 28, 2008, another “Malam Mesra” was organised in Batu Pahat, with the theme “Fostering harmony through friendship.”

More than 700 performers and workers were involved in this event which collected RM116, 000 in donations, which were distributed to 47 schools, charity and welfare organisations at the opening of the cultural show.

SGI President Ikeda in his congratulatory message used a Malay saying “When the roots are deep, there is no fear of strong winds and storm” to point out that “Friendship is the most important principle”. He hoped that through such goodwill cultural evening, people would deepen their friendship to open a new page of peace in history.

The State Assemblyman for Parit Yaani, JP Ng See Tiong, praised SGM in his speech during the opening ceremony, saying that the organisation spared no efforts in promoting cultural activities, which attracted thousands of members of public. Thus it had achieved its target of “goodwill and harmony”. Ng also praised the SGM Johor “kompang” group which welcomed the guests. He said it was an example of how the fine traits of other cultures can be accepted. The two days’ performers attracted more than 5000 spectators.

SGM Johor has been organising “Malam Mesra” events at various towns in Johor over the last two years. This was the 10th and final in the series.

-catch me in action-
~haha!! i'm the one on the most left~

I'm looking forward to our next SGM gala event--> 2010 National Cultural Performance (Malaysia). Wondering how are they going to conduct such gala event. I really which I could join that event. Must not miss this chance to contribute my self to the society. Anyhow, that event is a once in a lifetime's chance!!