wahaha!! FUN!! FUN!! just some simple activity at the beach. But it was real fun! We were suppose to meet at 4.30pm and.. Well, as usual, Penangites are late for almost any events.Lastly, activities starts at 5pm in that sunny Sunday evening. LIST OF FUN we ENJOYed on that day: ***blow balloon.. tie them on your legs.. make your friends' balloon BURST! ***sit in a circle.. draw a card.. stick them on your head without looking at it.. who ever is holding the biggest number will have to finish a cup a (tomato sauce+water) drink.. YARK!! ***BUILD SAND CASTLE!! yeah!!.. Divided into 4 group.. we appear to be 1-st runner up. my castle is called "YOUTH BAND & ANGELS OF PEACE CASTLE" -the funnest activity of all- *****MAKAN!! dinner is the greatest of all!! spaghetti were sold out in the first 15minutes. ***team building.. each person use 1 jari from both hand to support the pvc paip den zip your mouth.. move them slowly from waist level to the ground by communicating through eye signal only. VERY HARD!! must really bersatu-hati. ***sharing session.. with singing as interval between open sharing by members.. nice.. everyone almost cry.. That's all. It's my first picnic in my life though. Thanks to both the planner & host. THANK YOU™ ~alisa yong & teng chew~


~alisa y0ng & teng cHew~

~cooL huh!~

~preparing to bur$t the others!!~


~nice castle but mine looks better.. haha!~


~my group!!~
-yeah!! yea!!-

~my castle up-close~

~modern modeling~

~heading towards the road not taken~

hmm.. so sad that my blog is hang. i can't upload more pictures at this time. mayb i i'll upload more nex time. ~.~!!