another celebration

we went celebrating Jia Yee's 21st birthday at BP Mall yesterday..
It's only a simple celebration, but we went so crazy!!
ahhaa.. having an extremely gigantic glass of free drink drives us crazy..
snapping lots of pictures.. so so fun!!

lao da,



"...... I felt like running for a long long distance!! I told my selI must run!! Must realise the feeling of running!! run to let the cross go away! After I finish my things, it was already 6pm. But I’m suppose to be ready by 7pm because an uncle is fetching me to a student division chanting meet that starts at 8pm. Coincidentally, I had a group project, and we are suppose to look for material. We were wondering whether is the shop still open. I told them I wanted to go jogging, why not I go and have a look. Then Cheng Ling accompany me cause she loves jogging very much. (THANKS, FOR AGAIN BEING IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME ) After jogging, I felt so much release. And I made it to be ready right before uncle came picking me up. Then I went chanting for 1 hour. At the beginning, that feeling were back but after finish chanting, I was back to normal. When I return home, I was so tired so I put my self into bed. The feeling struck me again and I couldn’t sleep......"

I’ve learn and growth so much bout friendship in going through the ups & downs of staying with my housemates. I never had this great feeling before knowing each of them (我们一家). FRIENDS are really meaningful and they were wonderful. Making friends with few of my special friends makes me realise there are so many things that I never had enjoy in making friends! They were all so awesome!