Archery Club

Few days ago..

Cheng Ling asked me to look into her laptop's screen. Then i said "what?".
CL : come and see..
Mei: ~.~!! what? who's that??
CL: come and see larh..
Mei: hmm.. looks like me..
CL: ~.~!! it's you la.

*it's me..
My friend captured my pix without
my notice until i see it on his blog.
haha.. nice pix dude. thanks!

I enjoy my archery classes very much. It needs concentration and a little bit of energy to pull and then release the arrow. At times, I wasn't really concentrating and I just released the arrow with empty headed. POP!! blueblack on my arm. There are a few things we need to bare in mind while releasing the arrow actually. Just some minor mistake, it might be dangerous to you and your surrounding. Anyway, its a nice sports to try "if you stand a chance". hehe.. I always wanted to try archery but it's just too expensive to learn it out-side. Well, another fortune have turned to me where again, a little dream of mine--fulfilled! yup, VICTORY!

Name Card Design

This is my last Multimedia lab assignment. It took me a week to finish this. I know experts might have just took a day to finish it. I'm working hard dude. Seeking for improvement each time when I'm asked to complete my assignment.

Another of my Multimedia lab assignment is now in the process of producing it. This time is a group assignment which i think is more challenging and really a lot of work and discussion to be done. We have to think of a product on our own and have to produce 5 material in order to promote the product. haha.. Looking forward for the presentation cause I wanna see what other interesting product is my friends producing.

UTHM's orchestra practise

Thank you. I'm so fortunate that Encik Mohamed, our orchestra's instructor have again granted my wish.. He asked, "Jadi nak belajar apa?". I smiled at him and say, "hehe.. er.. erm..". Sir: "Oboe??". Mei, "erm.. er.. tak mau boleh ah? Er.. Kalau saya nak cuba Saprano sax boleh tak?" Sir, "Boleh.. boleh.." Then the other UTHM's staff, En. Baitan when to the cabinet and bring out the sax. Sir: "ni instrument baru lagi, orang lain tak pernah main". Mei: "oh really?? THANK YOU! THANK YOU!".

This meant so much to me. The fortune I've been collecting since young have been much appearing lately. Learning this new instrument isn't hard at all, the air pressure needed to play a note is just like blowing the recorder. (Even Sze Mun said so.) But of cause practice makes perfect. Even if its easy to play. The tone I've been producing is still empty. Need to work on solid tones. 加油。。 Hope that i could meet someone that can help me in improving my tones and techniques.

That's En. Baitan on the Tenor.
I like his tones and he can play many types of instruments.
Truely impressed seeing him jamming in playing the
samba's music on the keyboard together
with sir on the trumpet. so so fun!!

We found this in the studio's stor room.
Its meant for malay music and only have 4 strings on it.
..called 'keroncong'..

very very short Roti Tissue.. haha..
It taste nice dough..

haha.. dinner with Sze Mun after practise.
She's great alto saxophnonist too..

Day 6

I'm late for a week to post this. Our final day, we woke up early and then we took a bus to Jia Yee's house. Her mum picked me and spiderWoo up from somewhere near by. Well, i admit that I'm a little sampat because of excitement, I've not been to her house before this. It's totally a perfect place to enjoy my self.haha.. Her house is huge and very neatly organized. With children walking about her living room as her mum is a baby sitter. (all the children seemed to be very busy) Well, we added more noise with the piano and guitar playing. THUMS UP dude! I lose my patient, and immediately joined them. Meanwhile, ah Woo is so so busy taking pictures with her handphone. :-) some time after that, We took a tour in her house and found that she have another huge underground! That's their kitchen. Again we never fail in snapping some pics. haha..

It's lunch time, we planned to go for McD, unfortunately, the rain were so heavy and we decided to just filled our stomach with any food in SquareOne. Again, we ate KFC ~.~!! but nevermind, cause that's one of my favourate. We bought a bucket of KFC. walauEh, so fulled. Luckily we have spiderWoo to finish them. We when for a comedy movie called"Love Matters ". -not bad-.

After the movie, we when shopping for some basic needs at Carefour. Oh, so tired & thirsty, we rest our selves at a restraunt for a tea-break. Those colourfull drink is killing us in terms of taste and money.. ~.~!!We went back into Carefour for 2nd round shopping. Arh~! so tired. well, dismissed! Jia Yee's mum send us to BP Mall bus stop to catch a public bus. so sorry for troubling her mum.

JiaYee the pianist & HuiYee the guitarist

aiyo.. so 'tham chiak'

a killing tea-break

hey, that's me in the middle!

We reached home safely at about 7pm++ and saw Joey busy unpacking her lugage. At about 10pm++ Ah Chai reached home too. The rest reached on the next day. This house is backed filling with laughters. hahaahaaahahahaaa...!

day4 & 5

finish multimedia on day 4.. then in the evening launch my secret mission. at nite, we were doing photoshop.. continue day 5. Do nothing.. ~.~!! evening i launch my secret mission then someone called me at 6pm reminding me i have a meeting at Batu Pahat. I rushed to the bathroom and quickly prepare myself.

Off I went to Batu by bus. Fall asleep in the bus until the driver wakes me up when i reach the final stop. I was the last passenger. So i asked whether can he drop me somewhere nearer to the Soka Gakkai centre. haha.. lucky me, he said okay. Ei? Red Kancil? hmm.. the plat number seems familiar. okok, the two heads at the back sit looks ecxactly like Jia Yee's head.. ahaha.. so i sms her. it wasn't her.. ahaha..Jia Yee asked me why i didn't bring spiderWoo along. She added that spiderWoo is afraid of dark. So i replied, I was in a rushed of time & promise to go home as soon as the meeting ends. Jia Yee said to me: "Good Girl!!" .. walauEh!! excuse me, i'm not a little girl! ~.~!!

haha.. can't wait for tommorow. Going to bed very soon after i finished my photoshop.

sorry to be late..

I forgot to blog on Lik Ai's and Cheng Ling's 21 birthday on the 20th and 26th Feb.. haha.. we played like crazy, throwing cakes around. Lastly, have to clean up the whole house.

-curi-ed from Cheng Ling's blog-
CHENG LING edited this, I like it very much

we ordered some food from our Chinese Food Stall

Red Boiled Eggs: Chai made this

haha.. play somemore la!! sampai have to brush the floor!!

Day 2 & 3

I don't remember what i did on day2.. hmm.. really can't recall. But anyway, i enjoy that evening very much. It's my favourate day after all. Get to launch my secret mission.. You'll never know what it is. Well, if u already know, don't tell others cause i trust you. They'll know very soon but its just not today. haha.. oh, while waiting for Irene to pick Fei Jhue & I up, i've shoped a sandal at BP mall. ~.~!! (money burned) Went for my 1st time Home Visit activity at Batu Pahat. I felt great to learn things I don't know. When i reached home, the two cows were watching Spiderman 3. haha.. We didn't study much that day, so our study planed didn't really worked. Lights off around 12.30am.

Day 3! Breakfast at 88. Then we when to class and started some printing. As predicted, the class was CANCELLED again!! ~.~!! Then we when home lenggang-lenggang until evening, we when to class. The class shrink from 40+ people to only 13 students today. haha.. As usual, after class, Jia Yee when home. Jhue and Li Xiang visited us at our house. Jhue came to helped me on my up coming Successor Meet's presentation. She make me fell Ikeda sensei today. I didn't know i can fell sensei. At the same time, i can fell the mystic of our Mystic's Law. wow~! Oh..!! Just now Angie called me on the phone and complained that it's hard to contact me.. ahah.. get to talk to Nigel too.. They seem to enjoy them selves by playing poker.

At night?? hm.. we finished our targeted study topics. We had our supper and sambil we watch Lee Hom on YouTube . By the way, we discovered something impressive on youtube. It's a japanese that shot this video. YOU SHOULD CLICK HERE! You'll drop your jaws. haish~! a long day. Now working on my photostop.. Any idea what should i do for my next Photoshop assignment? Actually i have my idea and i think its perfect but seems like my model is not cooperating with me. ahaha... "SpiderWoo The Return" just jocking..

A weekend to challenge

Everyone is back to their own hometown with their "own" holidays.. ~.~!! Chai, Hui & CL left on Tuesday night.. Joey & S.Mun left on Wednesday. Leaving behind only Li Ai, Jia Yee and I. haish~!! It's okay to stay here.. Nothing to be pitty off. We saved our Rm 120++ for not travelling back and for. Must make usefull of our time here. We planned to study for our up coming test. GOOD! hhaa.. I'm hoping that we could all really improved this time.

-Jia Yee, Li Ai & I-
haha.. too free d. Li Ai and I went joining Jia Yee at her Music Class. SO FUN!!
Thanx to sir for allowing this two alliens to enter your class.

eploring her friend's Flute

see? Li Ai is so happy!

arh~!! hou yau yengg arh!!!!
(just a random shot)

Spending our first night together watching spiderman3 & we manage
to change Li Ai to SPIDER WOO.. hhaaha.. credit to Jia Yee.

Sad to say that our first day study plan, tak jadi. Nevermind, we still got time. so just relax first.

angi & Nigel enjoying them selves

they when to a museum... hmm.. she took interesting pictures.. hey!! I wana go to!!

Nigel so entau!! Angie.. what are you doing?

intresting.. are they still working?

weird violin..

Photop Art

These pictures captured my attention. It's from one of my sis's lecturer's website.

~wonderful colour combination of Levi's ad~

More pictures>>Leanne Miller