A new friend of mine >> Maybelle See a.k.a Kim.

Our friendship is 5 months old. I just get to know the other side of her in the end of March. Well, she have this nature born magic in her that makes me feel so great hanging out with her. I swear i have never go out with only "a" friend but to loaf with a group of friend'S'. I guess it's the comfort, care, love(sis) & respect that touches my heart and changes my mind. Kim is 2 years elder, yet, we have so many common things to be discussed. Of cause at times, we do have argument because of different opinion on things like Buddhism. Luckily, we give ways to each other to exchange our thought on our respectful religion.

We traveled around Penang as if petrol and parking fees are waived. She's real crazy!! Study these OUTINGS::
*journey starts & ends at her house(Tmn Free Sch)

1st->my house(Glugor) > Pragin Mall > Gurney > my house.

2nd->my house > yi yin's house(Sg.2) > QB > PM > Komtar > Kim's house > Yin's house > my house.

3rd->my house > Pulau Tikus > PM > KEDAH!! > AUTOCITY!! > my house.

**The 3rd outing is really driving me crazy! I didn't know we were heading towards Kedah. She just say go seberang. I thought Seberang meant to be seberang perai. After all, I don't mind going so far because.. dunno whyyy either.. ~.~?? I guess it's the comfort from her again. She drove all the way back to her hometown just to pay a respect to her elder sister(passed away 2 years ago). She then stop by at her relative' and friend's house. We departed from Kedah at about 8pm. Kim then took me to Autocity(which is so not on the way) for dinner at Ice-ice Baby. After dinner, we took a walk at Autocity. Reached home at 10.30pm.

We do go out more than that.. We went for lunch and dinner often. She bought supper to my house then we shared. She visit me when I'm sick. She do stop by my house to watch TV with me, my sis and mum. She brought me to gym. She taught me squash.
We always sing together in her car. She always scold me if i'm thinking to much. She asked me to never think too much, just make it simple by being honest.She's really an ideal friend of mine!!

"She's a superbly pretty & stylish young lady.
(I seldom agree that people look good). but.. she really is.."

Seriously I told her, we may not remain this close forever because I can foresee that went I quit work from Agilent Tech. , our friendship may come to an end. MY APOLOGY. I just wanna be honest and not to hurt this special friend of mine. WILL MISS YOU ALWAYS..