W.M. ONG's production

::Another production of mine::

Lee Hom a.k.a my cousin brother. haha~!!

This was specially done for ah woo~..
She cooks and help me washed all the dishes almost everyday.. THANKS!

by the way, she's my "white rat" as my model.
I've not done such editing on anyone.
But I count this a success. :)


SO ENTAU LA! WalauEh~!!


It's not to say that I hated people who cheats in examinations.. I didn't know how is the examinations conducted in universities until I entered one. Do you? Maybe in college, they were just about the same.

I had my last paper for my first year studies in university. It's the worst ever! Only one lecturer is in-charge to look after the whole hall where we have hundreds of candidates. Guess what? okay, she asked some students to carry in the A4 paper for her where we are suppose to answer on it. ~.~!! they did even bother to distribute it. If we want to answer, we have to grab it on our own. Thanks to Jia Yee, she walked all the way down to take us those papers. The lecturer came in 10 minutes later. 10 minutes?? we could have wrote notes onto it by then (only if we want to)..

Our exams finally starts, at 2.30pm. Hello?! We are suppose to start at 2pm!! This is final semester examination. Not a quiz or test! Aren't we suppose to follow the schedule provided by the faculty?

When started, the lecturer says: "don't peep on your notes! I see you!". Later on, she says, "saya belum makan". She went somewhere behind the stage and sat at the sofa, then starts to eating her lunch. OH~!! WalauEh! Com'on man?! You are the one and only one invigilator in this hall!

After her launch, she don't really care what ever we are doing. I can see many people around me cheating. With the notes in their hands. I turned and looked behind. There's this mature man that I used to respect him. He is a father of a few children. I saw his eyes kept looking into the floor. I wasn't sure wheather is there notes on the floor that he was trying to read. Fishy.. anyway, I was wondering. What type of children could he educate? If he him-self did cheat, can he tell his children not to cheat??

What is going to happen to all the universities for years to come? What can we do to keep cheat away from us.
But when I hear answers coming into my ears, I can't say I pretend I don't know. Of couse, I did change my answers. So what I usually did was, pass-up my papers once I confirm I shall never change my answers anymore. Even when the time is not up yet. I believe! I can change others by leading examples. Of course I can't change everyone, but at least those around me. Others won't care what and how I did it. I may not grad with first class honour. What I want, is to graduate my Degree with DIGNITY.

updating 1

sorry that i have been so so lazy to blog.. but i still wish to share some wonderful moment of mine 'last month'.. truly enjoying my-self..

only 2 and a half days of classes each week..
very relaxing~

..heart shaped mi-hun koay..
i made it!


small heart shaped mi-hun koay after cooked..

a weekend at BP Mall..
hunting for some basic needs to be stored..

relax dude~!
(candid shot)

updating 1.5

Moving into our new hostel's house namely A2-09..
saying goodbye to L2-05..

We washed the curtains..
too lazy to go down stairs, so we decided to just throw all of them down,
then Jia Yee dry them nicely..

yarh~! damn dirty balcony..
how did they live with that??
So smelly!

Lots more pictures.. but too lazy to upload.. thanks to all whom have help in the cleaning.. The cleaning last for few days I remembered. ~.~!!