Just enjoy it~!!

Things getting wild when it's near to midnight. I guess its the best way to refresh our self after working hard since early morning. Everyone is so busy with malam mesra preparation. Helping out whenever we could. I think sewing took the longest time and greatest effort. We were actually helping out in making those barrer for children. Suddenly, one of them said it's nice to wear them. Then another one wears it. After that, they started to partylike crazy! and then snap pictures all around. Everyone whose still there would have to wear them and take pictures. haha.. Thats how tihing got crazier!! hahah...!

-Everyone must take a self portrait-

-FAMILY portrait-
~so warm and lovely~

-nice huh??hhaaaahah!!-

-Uncle ten-ten liao-

-OMG~! she simply took a children's performance costume and put-on!-
-She's so so sporting funny!!-
really walauEh! thum s-up!

(ah mei.. ah xin.. ah chi..)
.waiting for our bus.
Aren't they cute??

SJK(C) Masai, Johor

Performers sitting on the stage, performing backdrops for the wolde event.


Backdrop, Dancing, Gymnastic and Jr Group Choir

Malam Mesra Masai:
"Melalui pandangan kanak-kanak:Dimanakah kebahagian?"
part1: 2 adik-beradik, Xiao Ai dan Xiao Xin sedang mencari taman impian yang diidamkan.
part2: Tetapi pelbagai masalah timbul: keganasan keluarga, bencana alam & peperangan. Sebenarnya ini berpunca daripadi keburukan hati & perangai manusia.
part3: Xiao Ai & Xiao Xin menyedari bahawa dunia ini akan menjadi aman dan damai jika kita saling hormat-menghormati dan sayang-menyayangi.

My opinion:
well, i guess it's too short. Not sure whether the show last for an hour. I like their idea very much. Very creative. Is just that the way of presenting it is not good. We hardly understand. Maybe they focused too much on live music. Only 2 or 3 songs were played using CD:Indian and Malay dance.The think i like the most is the Jr Group Choir. They were so so cute.

We depart at about 4pm from Batu. Setting our-selves on a hyper-superbly-lousy bus! ~.~!! so dusty. so lau iah. bo air-con!! so hot okay?!! people with spaghetti strep also sweating like hell. At about 6.30pm, we stop at JB to filed our stomach. Then reach our destiny at 7.30++. After the performance, of course, we went back to where we come from. The driver was lost, he had no sense of directions to leave that taman. ~.~! Lastly, we reach Batu kaikan at bout 12am. We all reach home at bout 1.30am. why?? haha.. cause we went out for supper. As in for conclusion, well done to Masai and i enjoy my trip very much! our Batu Pahat Malam Mesra will asure to be very succesfull!! Batu 加油!!

Back for Malam Mesra practise at BP

okay.. so far.. when to kaikan to help out daily. Basically, we "children" do some gam-gam manic and simple sewing on our performance's cloths. Then have lunch there.. There's alot of food!! aunties just love to cook. Well, there were once we took a break with Wan Sin and Jun Sin. We went lunch at, .. erm.. forgot the restaurant's name. then when Tesco to buy butter and bread and apple and.. and.. . Atfer that, when for tea break at McD. Haha.. Its a new dive-thru McD. After that, we go to their house, listen to them play piano and violin. Then eat again sambil watch TV. At nite, I went dinner with their family.

New task today! We'll be doing a simple exhibition on SGI, SGM and BP kaikan at BPMall for 4 days. It's to promote our Malam Mesra.

arh.. Jiaa yew jia yew!! i've got so so much to catch-up on my dance!!

DORAEMON at Quensbay Mall

They'll be tea time and photography session with Doraemon and friends on certain day and time. Sorry that i didn't take of that cause no matter how, i'll miss the opportunity. nvm... :)

ELLA KOON in Malaysia!!

Ella is now in KL!! not sure what program is she up to.. but she's really enjoying her self here.. haha..

Ella Koon's official blog..

Jay & Tee 's weeding

It's my cousin sis's weeding last month.. :) hehe.. pretty leh??

Most Favorable Actor

Raymond Lam appeared to be the most favorable TVB. Bosco Wong and Ron Ng were set on the same placing, 1-st runner-up. erhm, sorry to say that i didn't vote for any 3 of them. I voted for Kenneth Ma. :)Although he's not as charming as the runner-up and 1st runner-up, i see Kenneth Ma to have good looking sight from another angle. He's one of the out standing TVB actor. At most of the time, he took up to 8 jobs for TVB in the year 2003.

Kenneth Ma (born February 14, 1974) is a Hong Kong TVB actor. He graduated from University of British Columbia majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Although he initially intended to pursue a career in engineering, he decided the industry did not suit his personality and enrolled in acting classes at TVB instead despite the better pay and more stable prospects of the former. Initially in his career Kenneth often played supporting roles, however in recent years TVB has started to promote him. He won the 'Most improved actor award' at the 39th TVB Awards in 2006. He was recently handed his first leading role in the drama serial Survivor's Law II opposite Hong Kong singer Ella Koon. The drama aired in 2008 and achieved credible ratings of 31 points in the second half of its broadcast as well as a favourable reception.