updating 2

me and joey made this..
it took us bout 5 hours.. ahah..
the card is so so nice!

celebrating ah HUI's birthday at city campus's KFC.. wahaha.. my favourate fast food!

3rd May 2009 (addition)

yah right.. the whole hostel's lights turned off. The electricity got shut down at about 2am. I was just about to fall asleep. This crazy hostel turn into a zoo where everyone is making some noise. Well, it makes me feel like I'm trapped in Jurassic Park. ahahaa!! Then, Joey woke me up and said there's no electricity. She immediately reached out for her multipurpose electronic 'equipment' which consist of a study lamp, radio and spotlight. ahaa..

The whole hostel was playing with their torch lights and haha!! we turned on our spotlight!! yeah!! we won.. haha.. we are brightess among all. then others where like torching towards us. We got embarrass then. We blink our lights to the other blocks and the other turned the same signal to us. We torch the people who were walking in the dark.. That person eventually felt from the stairs, too dark maybe? hmm.. I even lift my leg out of the window and my friend torch my leg from a distance, we could see my legs' shadow at the opposite block. haha.. so fun but hot.. We couldn't sleep at all. Joey, Sze Mun and I chatted for an hour on my bed then we when hungry. So we took a slice of bread.

Suddenly, Hui sms me. So we when invited her to my room. haha.. I turned on my laptop and we watched "Journey to the center of the earth" until 5am in the morning. It's a very nice movie where Joey and I watched twice. So finally when to bed. Sze Mun came sharing sharing my bed cause I slept near the window and suposingly is more windy.. A few minutes later.. 'TUP....' the electricity is back!! feuh~!!

3rd May 2009

I have always been worrying about how to celebrate my 21st birthday since the past few years cause I hate parties as in like we have to invite friends (how many and who? where? ~.~!!). Being the one in spotlight and everyone is looking at you with some alien eyesight. yark~!! Conclusion, I dislike parties.

But my family
(L2-05) here, gave me a total different viewed. Being around them, the warmheartedness of family is what I enjoyed most.

We invested lots of time and effort in planning for each others' birthdays throughout the year. We would brainstorm to throw the best surprise birthday celebration to one another. The touching part here is that, we are now in the midst of exams. Everyone is so so busy and tired with our own studies. Yet! they could take van out to city campus and wasted their whole evening gathering materials for my birthday card. Late in the evening, they when and borrow motorcycle from our neighbor to go and get me a cake and some other basic needs. Others, stayed at home peeling 'ikan bilis' just to cook me dinner. Ouh!! how could I ever repay them back?! THANK YOU~!!THANK YOU!! AND THANK YOU!!

-Hui & Cheng Ling (whom don't cook) have to peel "ikan bilis"-
~Chai made some Jelly when I was taking my evening nap~
-Chai made some mihun koey.. for dinner.. yummy~!-

-My biggest surprise of all!!
i named it the : "walauEH~BIRTHDAY CARD!"-

-yea~!! family portrait '+ Joey's sandals '-
'what's up with this 2 girls?'
-Joey & CL trying to hide their beautiful legs behind the card.. ahaha!-

yooouh man~!! check it out!!
Doraemon Birthday cake!!

-Joey says:"See! you have extended your Doraemon collection-


I'm the last one to celebrate birthday in this house, moving into a new one within a week time. I miss the atmosphere here. In the new house, we'll be having 2 new housemates. What is about to happen next??

"Having good friends is like being equipped with powerful auxiliary engine. When we encounter a steep hill or an obstacle, we can encourage each other and find strength to keep pressing forward vigorously"
- Daisaku Ikeda.


L2-05 万岁!!