It hurts!

Something is just striking into my heart. I feel the pain so deep in me. so so pain!! I didn't even know or even realize how this feeling started to take over my heart. I'm crazy!!

There are so many thing I have to do within this 2 weeks including facing exams. 6 papers for me and only 1 down, 5 to go. arh~!! Felt like hugging someone. Well, just to release my STRESS here! Don't felt like talking. I'm getting even angrier of my self when I can't stop talking to my housemates.. maybe I just love all of them too much. I'm so so talkative! I can't even study. This is really bad!

Can I not talk for just one day?? may I?? rubbish idea! ~.~!! Humans communicate and that's how peace came to an agreement.

**don't worry, I'll be fine after I take a nice bed time.. :)
**thanks to those who have always been following up with my blog and reads what my mind is up to. I don't expect many to read my mind cause I seldom do that.
~your community is your life mirror that don't tell lies~

Going to be a decade..

It's already 6am now. Still awake here because I'm addicted to the fast connected internet. Well, I'm suppose to finish up my final phase of Data Struct's project.. ~.~!! Loafing in the net and ended up in my Facebook. It's been sometime that I have not been really having a good look at my own profile in this site. What I see is the number of photo being tag. I have only uploaded a picture 4 years ago and I now have 151 pictures tag. So I viewed them. Wow~!! I didn't realise one of my friends uploaded our gathering's picture in facebook and had tagged me long time ago.

Back in primary school, I always forgot to do homeworks and have always being looking forward for masa rehat.. yea~! Nasi lemak! I dislike my lunch box sometimes. hehe, but i would never throw my food away, I shall finish my bread and then get something from the canteen. haha..!! Then I would loaf around the school area with Swee Hoe, Premraj, Desmond and Calvin. I miss them very very much! Wondering what is Swee Hoe doing now? Premraj? In a relationship? Desmond working or still studying? How do they looked like? grew side ways? haha.. I wonder..

It's our first time ever primary school gathering. Most of them were last seen since the year 2000, where we were studying in Standard 6. It's already 2008 in December when we meet up for our 1st reunion. The guys changed so much. Some guys even grew beard and got taller, and the ladies turn beauty and style their own unique ways..

Our "lunch" BBQ party by the beach was so so fun. We just can't stop chatting and asking each other questions.. All of us that have turned up that day had fulfilled our 'primary school's essay writing'. Get what I mean?? In our karangan, we usually ended it with 'belajar sehingga ke menara gading' and there we go. Now, we are all in University except for Calvin.

Probably Calvin's parents wanted to give him the best education, he's currently in college and maybe in this few months time, he gonna further his studies in oversea. Studying Law is definitely not his choice but he has to obey his parents' instructions. Since young, he has been restricted to do this and that. I seriously felt upsad for his parents for not being understanding and thankful in having such a smart and nice child. What Calvin ever wanted is just to own a book store and share his favorite books with everybody else! that's it.. I know he's not going to give up. He said to me that he don't care anymore, as long as he passed and get the lawyer's license, he's done in only doing what his parents is forcing him. He'll get him self a book store one day. (CALVIN JIA YEW!!)

the ladies of 6 Cemerlang~!

From the top: Attiya, Sharifah and me
*they just hopped on me and snap it.
thinking back, we were in a team of running for relay 4x100m
representing school and also competing among ourselves
during school's sports day.
I'm always a split second behind sharifah in running 100m.

Com'mon! Reach for the skies gurl!!

hey, check us out.. haha..


Let's go beyond our limit and lead a successful life!
Keep in touched, people..!

My leisure

~watched with ah Woo~

I love the storyline.. It's about this young man woringk hard to further
his education at Harvard Medical University.
Unfortunately, he had not enough of financial support.
His lecturer found his talent in maths and encouraged him to play Black Jack
and said: "Remember, you are counting numbers but not gambling."
He swayed off when we started to earned
lots of easy money. But with all this, it became his priceless experience.
In the end.. hehehe.. you should should watch and conclude it your self.

Mamma Mia 2008
~watched with Jia Yee~

Kinda comedy type where this main actress has 3 undefined father. haha..
her mum when to bed with 3 different man and then got pregnant.
All the song sung in this movie were so called "oldies". I think this
movie is much nicer than High School Musical.

Joey, ah Woo, Jia Yee, ah Hui and I went for a walk in the late evening after locking ourself at ah Hui's room for some 2hours++ of ladies chat. ahaa.. We and Sze Mun got our self an ice-cream each and had a sight at the full moon. *Joey treat me an ice-cream for giving her a little help on her homework.(winked)