26 sept'08-5 oct '08

Pendek kata, this is the best holiday of all. I enjoy myself to the fullest.

haha.. something bad actually happened towards the end of my holiday. I had my last dinner(7pm) with MJ n wiN at a cafe. When i walk off my dinner table, i asked them help to keep an eye on my bag(containing wallet'with all my money i intended to bring along to johor and hanphone). Later, when i'm back on the table, i asked them where's my bag. They said:"dunno ar..". I knew they were playing hike and seek. So i didn't bother to asked them again. After dinner, we when back to our Penang SGM cultural center(PGCC) for our band practise. Until when practise come to an end(10pm), I wanted to make a phone call. I seek high and low but i couldn't find my phone. I wonder where did i misplace them. (a minute later.. oh yah, they were having my bag since dinner) So i asked them, where's my bag. They both got shocked and quickly ran back to the cafe. At that time i was still calm. i just when along with them. We ask the owner of the cafe, wondering any of their worker found my bag. We when asking some of their worker as well. They all saw no. MJ and wiN got really panic and kept trying to apologize. but i'm still calm haha..MJ then told her parents about it. So i just said to her parents, "nevermind, i shall just lodged a police report."

MJ's dad&another 2 uncle accompany me to that cafe again. They went asking around for me. Lastly, we asked a stall nearby the table we were sitting just now. haha.. The auntie said a kid walk pass and saw my bag on the chair. Then the kid leave the bag to that auntie wondering the owner might have be back. (finnally, everyone is releave now. especially MJ n wiN) I thank the auntie and uncles a lot of time. MJ thanked them as well. The auntie and the kid that found my bag was a very honest person. All my belongging were still inside. THANK YOU!! :)

I told them both it's okay. Don't have to feel bad about it. Everything is fine now. Its just a lesson. We are always different from others because we are Gakkai members, we chant daimoku with the believe of Mystic Law. Shoten Zenjin(protective power) is always there to protect us. (smile) Go home and get a good rest. Greet me with a morning smile when we meet again tommorow at practice.

I went home and chanted one hour to thank the kid that found my bag and the hawker auntie for being my shoten zinjin. Thanks to the uncles' effort in helping me so much as well. THANK YOU!

These are my random pixs:

watching movie together..

a jamming session at my house
(so much fun!!)

B3nTeNG™ re-union
, lcl, ping, ylin, jaslyn &me)

lunch together.. yea~!


breakfast at wiN's house

playing until 3am at MJ's house
(y 3am?? haha.. a long story)

practice at PGCC

yummy tomyam for supper as usual after practics!

my favourate bah kut teh at bih's(cousin) house..

at Bih's house.. haha..
photo credit&editing: Angie yehyeh

An amazing week'end'

Why do I say it's an amazing week'end'? Well, its suppose to be my final weekend in Johor before I take my second school break (yea~!going back to PENANG). But~! I didn't spend that weekend in Johor. (haha..)

As usual, attending practise for Batu Pahat Malam Mesra(BPMM) on Friday night at Batu Pahat.. While practising, i kept thinking about tommorow's trip to KL. (haha..) I was really fortunate that i found a perfect transport to KL.

(16-Sept-08-In Sock Kim's car)
mei™ : Hey, i'm going to KL this weekend. It's a suddent decision of visiting KL Fei Yang's Concert. I'll be getting a bus ticket tommorow evening. Sorry that i can't be attending BPMM 1st rehersal.
Sock Kim: KL? Oh, I'll be going to Cheras for SWS meeting.
mei™ : Really? Where's the meeting? Can drop me at KL? car still got space(without hesitating) ?
Sock Kim: Should be okay cause someone just drop off the trip.
mei™ : Wah?!! really?? okok... thank you. Btw, I think we are heading to the sae place. Cheras SGM Cultural Centre ryte? Thank you. Thank you.
Sock Kim: yah. No prob.
mei™ : GREAT! settle y KL trip transport and get to attend BPMM 1st rehersal. so good!!

After BPMM practise, I overnight at a member's house in BP. So coincident that that family came from Penang as well although I didn't know them, but they do know my uncle. So, On the Saturday morning, another member took me for a breakfast and off we go to KL.
We depart from Johor at about 10.30am and reach at about 1.30pm. It was a surprise for all my friends who came from Penang to attend the concert. (haha..) My kids got surprise of cause. But they pretended as if nothing happen. They even got angry of me cause I didn't tel them I was going to meet them in KL. Well, kids.. You know.. They can't differentiate between 'surprise' and 'lie'.. Seriously, I had lots of fun that day. I even discover that I kind of like traveling. Its no longer a barrier for me.
Photo credit:Xin Ying

Went back to Johor after the concert that night, depart from Kl at 10.30pm. Reached Johor at 1.30am. Then i overnight at another member's house. (amazing huh??!)Can't believe my-self travelling back and fore from JOHOR to KL then back to JOHOR on the same day. The next morning, I woke up at bout 7am. Prepared my-self for BPMM 1st rehersal. Though I was very tired that day, I never turn my spirit down. I know I'm playing an important role. I display the spirit of PENANG FIFE-and-DRUM CORPS! JIA YEW!!

BPMM 1st rehersal