Kleine Levin Or Real Life Sleeping Beauty Syndrome: Louisa Ball Suffers From Sleeping Beauty Syndrome

Louisa Ball was the topic of discussion on Fox News on Tuesday, Feb 9. A teenager, Louisa Ball is no different from any other 15 year old girl at first glance. However, even a cursory glance at her life makes it very clear that she is indeed very different. For she is the classic case of the Sleeping Beauty Syndrome. Extraordinary as it may sound, such a syndrome exists, and Louisa Ball suffers from the Kleine Levin, or the Sleeping Beauty Syndrome. Not as romantic as it may sound to many, thanks to the most popular fairy tale of all time, the illness has Louisa Ball missing out on days in her life.

The Kleine Levin, or the Sleeping Beauty Syndrome that Louisa Ball suffers from is a very rare form of illness, in fact, so rare, that currently, there are only about a 1,000 cases in the entire world. This generally is seen in teenagers, and then goes away naturally after about ten to twelve years. Having no cure, the Sleeping Beauty Syndrome continues to baffle doctors and scientists alike.

Being a real life Sleeping Beauty has its inevitable consequences. Louisa Ball hardly ever lives a normal life, as she is never certain when she would fall asleep, or how long the slumber would last. The maximum period of time that she has slept for is about two weeks, without a break. As Louisa Ball suffers from the Kleine Levin or the Sleeping Beauty Syndrome, it takes its toll on her family too. They have to force food down her throat as she sleeps, and make her use the bathroom.