**my money dry le..

Took mum to the MPPP center for a compulsory injection.. It's an injection for those working in the food&beverage line..

Then a hair cut.. no picture taken yet..
soon will upload it..

When shopping at Gurney.. This time really dry le..

~Nice performance~
this guy balancing himself on 5 rolling PVCs!!
can u even stand on 1??

The changing room so big.. some more provide a fine table and chair.. for what??

~tea-break with mum at A&W~

This wallet is so so NICE!!
genuine leather (cow)..
free for life time to polish the wallet..
~.~!! it's not mine..
It's for Angie..

Continue shopping at Tesco.. bought 2 singlet for my bedtime..
our hostels' room temperature is a bit warm i would say..

~the queue was like hell!!~
so packed with people!!
even met relatives and friends..

Another day has gone..